DeGagné Construction Company has dozens of employees with connections to manufacturers, construction and crafting firms that share our vision of quality and excellence. 

Our services range from housing construction, repair, remodeling, architectural design, kitchen and baths craft and  more. With wide range of services we offer, strive to ensure that our end product is of the highest quality and is done in a professional manner.

Part of our success is having employees that are experts in their field and craft, that share the same values and goals as we do.

DeGagné Construction Company is continuing to search talented individuals that share our goals, and is passionate of their work, therefore we encourage talented individuals to join us!

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Here in DeGagné Construction, we take pride in delivering our clients the best customer service out there and working with the best professionals and experts in construction. We always strive to stay up to date with the latest trends and ensure your projects with excellence.