DeGagné Construction Company take pride in ensuring that you are happy with the end product. To accomplish that, we make sure that what we are designing and creating is something that the you will absolutely love.


We use 2020 Design Software to create visual representation of the architecture, models, rooms, appearance and layout of the project that you want. You can easily visualize how the finished project will appear and make decisions during the planning and design stage.



     DeGagné Construction Company has more than 35 years of experience in building anything from garages to custom built homes and we have expanded our repertoire to kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, porches, tables, drawers, doors, garage  doors,  fireplaces, seamless eavestroughs and windows. Throughout the years we have accumulated the knowledge and skills to provide the best service for you. 

     We ensure that your home is built the way you want it whether you prefer to keep up with the latest design trend or opt for a contemporary design. It's all up to you and we will make it for you.

Making Home Construction and Planning Seamless