John said, “we’ll make it right” and he was true to his word. In 2019 we had ice back up and John and
his crew went to work uncovering ceiling and roofing and after several hick-ups, we finally located the
source of leaking into the family room. The shingling and roofing were repaired; the family room totally
rebuilt from floor to ceiling and the room is now cozy. Previously, DeGagne Construction had worked on our kitchen lowering the ceiling, replacing the lighting, drywall and more.
Nathan DeGagne helped us in replacing all our 40-year-old windows with new triple
pane sealed units and matched up the old historic woodwork with new ones. 

Should we have any more future remodeling work or issues, the first person I would contact would be
DeGagne Construction. With all of John’s years of experience, I doubt that John hasn’t run into any issue
that he couldn’t solve with his skilled crew.

Natalie Summers

Had our office renovated and I needed a competent construction firm to have it done within a month and I am very happy with what they have done for us. Our office looks fantastic! I would recommend this company.


Finding an affordable construction company was very hard for me but then I came across DeGagne and had a meeting with them. I couldn't be happier, my house in Ontario is exactly how I imagined it. Thank you.

Ed McKenzie

Excellent service, always responding on time and always delivering. Keep it up!